The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life. – Jessica Hische, lettering artist and author

When I read this quote, it was as if all of the doubt and questions in my life faded away and my path became clear.

I had spent years building a very successful career as an elementary school librarian in Arlington, VA. I had a loving husband and a young, busy daughter. A cute house with a gorgeous garden. Life was good. And yet…

I was spending hours a week delaying lesson planning and laundry and all of life’s responsibilities to draw and paint and doodle. In high school, I spent summers drawing caricatures at Geauga Lake, driving an hour each way to spend the day sketching families and tourists. While earning a history degree at Miami University I was also taking pottery classes. I earned a masters and got married, worked full-time, and still snuck time to sketch and paint. While my daughter slept and papers waited to be graded, I took classes so I could paint watercolors for friends and family.

And so, when our family moved back to Ohio, I took a break from the library to see what I could do with the extra time. My hiatus has become permanent as I spend my day ‘procrastinating’ in the studio.